Sustaining PAN

Which sounds better, “Nonprofit Organization” or “Community Benefit Organization”?

Sustaining the efforts of the Plateau Action Network will prove difficult if we continue to think of ourselves as “nonprofits”. The Plateau Action Network has been benefiting communities throughout the plateau region for the last 16 years, by providing stewardship in environmental management and responsible economic development. Ultimately, if our organization is going to survive the long haul, we need more community engagement.

Are you interested in playing an active role in your community?

We are looking for individuals interested in creating new, innovate funding resources to make the Plateau Action Network more sustainable. If you would like to get involved with PAN, please contact Levi Rose via email at levidrose@gmail.com.

If you agree that PAN’s work is critical to protecting the plateau region, please consider making a donation.

Donations help build PAN’s sustainability and let us continue our efforts in environmental management and responsible economic development.