Recycling In And Near Fayette County, West Virginia

Fayetteville Recycling Center: Gatewood Road at Wolf creek. Fayetteville recycling drop-off locations include green trailers located at:

  • Fayetteville Town Center: Take first left after entering the shopping center. The bin is located across from Wendy’s in the Walmart parking lot.
  • Fayetteville Downtown, Ben Franklins: 115 West Maple Ave. Back of parking lot on the right.
  • Studio B Parking lot: Keller Avenue across from Dirty Ernie’s in the Studio B Art Gallery parking lot.

Additional Recycling Locations

  • RCSWA St. Peter and Paul School Bin: 123 Elmore St., Oak Hill. Enter school property through basketball court down to playground. Bin either in front of playground or back behind school.
  • RCSWA Oak Hill Bin: Park Drive (parallel to Virginia St). Enter Bibb St. towards park from 61, bin located on left near where one-way road begins.
  • RCSWA Recycling Center in Beckley: 200 Fernandez Drive, Beckley Fayetteville Business Pick-up: Businesses, call: 304-574-0917 to arrange pick up Montgomery residential curbside pick-up on Wednesdays – call 304-442-5181 to sign up
  • Advance Auto Parts: 1650 E. Main St., Oak Hill; 511 Kanawha Ave., Rainelle; 803 Northside Drive, Summersville; 4244 Robert C Byrd Dr., Beckley
  • Autozone: 304 Merchants Walk, Summersville; 375 Mall Rd., Oak Hill; 3805 Robert C Byrd Drive, Beckley
  • Wal Mart: 204 Town Center Rd, Fayetteville; 1330 N. Eisenhower Dr., Beckley, 1881 Robert C Byrd Drive, Mac Arthur. Lowes – Fayetteville Town Center
  • Kroger – 637 Fayette Square, Oak Hill
  • Cell Phone stores: Sprint: 316-B Beckley Plaza, Verizon: 2 Crossroads Mall, Mount Hope; 1232 N Eisenhower Dr., Beckley; AT&T: 565 Mall Road, Oak Hill; 1008 N. Eisenhower Dr., Beckley; 2 Crossroads Mall, Mount Hope; 209B Merchant Walk, Summersville; nTelos: 60 Crossroads Mall, Mount Hope; 1046 N. Eisenower Dr., Beckley. Staples: 18 By Pass Plaza, Beckley
  • Wallace and Wallace Funeral Homes: For directions:
  • Auto Recylcer: Lochgelly Rd., Oak Hill, East of 19, on the right just past Fayette Clinic
Recycling Tips:
  • Please RINSE all containers and FLATTEN all plastic and cardboard. The more that fits in the bins, the lower the costs: Recycling programs exist because it is believed important, despite the cost to those running them. Please do what you can to help.
  • RCSWA asks that labels on cans be removed.
  • Fayetteville and Montgomery services require separation of materials.
  • Please keep in mind Goodwill and other consignment stores for items that could be reused.
  • RCSWA’s Beckley Recycling Center has a shop you can donate to as well, where stuff is sold at very low prices.
  • Computers, Pentium III and above can be donated to Fayette County Schools.
What About Items That Can’t Be Recycled?
  • Aerosol cans: use up, then throw in the trash. If the product can’t be used, there is no alternative other than trash.
  • Adhesives: Water soluble – air dry in well ventilated, safe area, then trash. Solvent-based – air dry in same way, but less than 8 ozs at a time as contents can be flammable and release dangerous fumes.
  • Ammo/old munitions gone bad: Call 911 for WV State Police bomb squad unit
  • Antifreeze: mix with kitty litter until solid, then dispose of in your trash.
  • Batteries, disposable/dry cell: if you’re willing to pay to recycle – pack them up and ship to: Environmental Recycle, P.O.Box 167, Bowling green, Ohio, 43402, or for more careful transportation – purchase a pre-paid shipping/enviro friendly box from, otherwise – no other options but the trash.
  • Carbide (from old mine lights): Contact Penny Harris at for pick up
  • Cleaners (water soluble): Rinse down household drain with PLENTY of water (never on ground or in storm drains)
  • Cleaners (non-water soluble): Containers should be empty and in sealed bags marked “not recyclable, untreated hazardous waste”. If they can’t be finished by you, try to give them to someone who can use them up.
  • Florescent bulbs/other mercury containing items: See “batteries, disposable” above. Pack bulbs in original container or equal, or purchase/rent containers from above companies.
  • Shipping other mercury items – seal carefully in impermeable container (ex. Glass). Again, otherwise, trash.
  • Glass: Closest recycling option is the Charleston recycling center.
  • Paint: Mix with kitty litter until solid, or paint anything (ex. cardboard) until used
  • Pills: New River Health patients can return them there; ask at your pharmacy; check our website for updates on this as it is a current project of WV Rivers Coalition –
  • Pesticides/Herbicides: Triple rinse the empty containers and run water down drain for at least 30 seconds. Throw empty containers in trash.
  • Mercury-large quantities: Contact Penny Harris at for pick up (see also: florescent bulbs)
  • Syringes/sharp objects: enclose in hard plastic/glass container. If needed, sanitize with 1 tsp bleach with 1 pint water in container, and bag after sealing.

Have a need to dispose of something not mentioned here? Contact Penny Harris at the DEP at 304-389-8196 or for any other questions. Please advise us at so that we may research and add it to next year’s list. Please also advise us if you are aware of other locations to recycle or to safely dispose of household hazardous wastes that are not included on this information sheet. Check for updates as we are working on developing partnerships to hold annual Household Hazardous Waste collection days in the future.