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    Advocates For Healthy Watersheds

    In 1997, a group of concerned citizens held a meeting to address the effects of proposed power lines, which would have impacted an undeveloped portion of the Meadow River.…

This project was last covered in our June ‘07 Vol 9 No. 1 and tree planting was in October ‘07 Vol 9 No. 2

Here’s some history-: Many years ago extensive deep mining occurred in the Sewell coal seam beneath the Laurel Creek watershed. As the underground mine was inundated with water after the mine was closed, pressure began to build resulting in artesian flows. In the late 1970’s, the water blew out near the community of Dempsey, resulting in flooding to several homes and roadways. Read More

Lights ON! West Virginia: A Strategy to Improving Quality of Life in Rural Appalachia (Article 1 of 3)Read More

What is Lights ON! West Virginia. Let’s look at a satellite image of West Virginia taken at night.

You can make out lights in Charleston, Morgantown, Wheeling, the eastern pan handle and Beckley, but for the most part, the New River Gorge Region is quite dark. We like it that way, right? Quiet, safe and starry nights.

Now zoom in and imagine a small light illuminating Oak Hill, WV, a small, town in southern WV, north of Beckley. Now see more little light bulbs (CFL’s of course) illuminating revitalized downtowns across the dark backdrop of the rolling, rural West Virginia landscape. The little lights are once forgotten and now rehabilitated buildings located along downtown Main St., Anysmalltown, WV. Restaurants are open late and the gallery is having a show. Read More