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    Advocates For Healthy Watersheds

    In 1997, a group of concerned citizens held a meeting to address the effects of proposed power lines, which would have impacted an undeveloped portion of the Meadow River.…

We’ve worked hard this year to acquire the grants needed to improve water quality and quality of life in the Wolf Creek watershed. It’s paid off. $167, 029  has been awarded to the Plateau Action Network in 2013 and it’s helping us complete critical projects in our watershed. You can see funding details in our 2013 Grant Report or read out about the projects we’ve undertaken this year.

Well, as promised two of our conservation campers, Molly Bates and Rachel Rodgers came and told PAN of their experience this summer. Here is a summary of it in Rachel’s field report:

Dear PAN Members,

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to go to conservation camp. Due to the PAN scholarship, I was able to attend an informative hand-on camp. I was able to try new things, such as, bow & arrow, and shooting a 22 rifle. This was pretty exciting. I wasn’t a bad shot.I learned how to take soil samples. We did this to test pH levels in the soil and to find the best soil for crops.

We used the 4 cycles of recycling:





At camp we tried to recycle everything, cans, paper, and bottle. We will try to incorporate this in our daily lives.

We were fortunate enough to learn the process of tagging fish. This was to get to know what the fish eat and how many are in that area. It also tracks the migration of certain fish. Some of the campers were able to use the equipment for tagging fish.

We took part in assemblies which included, Hunters Education, restocking creeks, and Native American Culture. This was very interesting. We were able to make rope out of tree bark.

We had an informative class on State and National Parks. We need to preserve and respect these lands. This is very important for our environment.

We measured the diameter of trees, estimated the height of the trees and we found which trees could be used for lumber.

We took nature walks and were able to discover the uses of plants.

Most of all I was able to make new friendships and learn a great deal about how to protect our planet.Thank you again for giving me this opportunity. Your scholarship was appreciated more than you know.