The Fayette County Green Team

Ginger Danz, GREAT TEAM Board Member

The Green Advisory Team aims to reduce Fayetteville’s carbon footprint.

The GREAT (Green Advisory Team) is on a mission. The board meets to generate ideas and action plans for Fayetteville and Oak Hill, with an eye toward Fayette County, to achieve sustainability goals set by the US Mayors Climate Protection Act.

Our ultimate goal is to help city and county governments and residents curb carbon emissions and improve air and water quality.

GREAT has registered Fayetteville with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, or ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability. ICLEI membership provides community’s the opportunity to use software for determining baseline greenhouse gas emissions.

GREAT will then work with local residents and government to develop a climate action plan to grow the community while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Fayette County Commissioners, and the mayors and town councils of Oak Hill and Fayetteville have agreed to help us gather information and set objectives like transitioning to energy-efficient lighting and fuel-efficient city vehicles. As the first town in West Virginia to join ICLEI, Fayetteville joins 959 cities, towns and counties worldwide.

GREAT members are currently gathering data within the 25840 zip code in order to measure energy use and make recommendations for reducing carbon emissions. We hope Fayetteville will serve as a model for other West Virginia communities.

GREAT was originally founded by Kara Ware and Sue Plumley. Current board members include Sue Plumley, Patty Korn, Hillarie Jones, Doug Arbogast, Ginger Danz, and Mara Petretich. GREAT meetings are held at Gumbo’s in Fayetteville the last Monday of every month at 6:30 pm.

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